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I want to create a business that I love! Something that I am excited to go to everyday. Something that can allow me to express my creative side and my femininity. A place that will bring in like-minded women from my community. An environment that will encourage and inspire children to enjoy their creative and crafty sides. A business that will allow me to give my clients the products that they most want to see, while keeping my own flare and personality well incorporated. I want to create a business that will grow enough to remain steady and successful, but not so much that it passes "small" or "local" and exceeds my ability to maintain it. Quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery... I want all of the stitches! I want to become The Stitching Unicorn Quilt Shop.

I don't know what my exact intention is for this blog. Maybe it will be a way for me to stay on track. To keep my thoughts in line as I start the journey of research and business planning. Maybe it will be a way to keep myself accountable when I start to fall behind on meeting my goals. Maybe it will just be a journal. I have always wanted to keep one, but I have never done very well writing in one. Maybe a blog will make it easier. No one may read it. But writing it down and putting it out there into the universe may make it more real.

Maybe it will just be fun. I can write about what I want. My initial thought is that it should be about trying to make the quilt shop in my head into a real and tangible thing. I can see it. Not the whole thing. Bits and pieces. Ways that I want to display fabric. The types of shelves that I want. The type of ambiance and decor. The feeling that a fellow crafter will get when they walk in the door. I don't know where it will be, but I know what my dream would be. An old house in a commercial zone. One that I can restore, with beautiful wooden floors. A fireplace would be nice. Ambiance...Maybe different rooms will have different themes of fabric. I know that I would like there to be an area big enough to have classes, meetings or gatherings. "Sign up for craft night with friends...maybe with wine involved." I know it would appeal to me!

The dream will keep changing and growing in my head. I wonder what will become of it. Maybe in a few....or many years, I'll look back on this first post and be amazed at what I built. I hope so. Maybe I will look back at it and laugh at what a dreamer I always am. I have big ideas. Lots of works in progress. I hope this is one that I finish creating!!!!

Until next time...see ya Friday!

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